Hemp oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant, a cannabis plant but contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As a result, one doesn’t feel any psychoactive effect or feeling “high” with their usage. Also, it is legal and safe to use products that contain hemp oil in most countries. They are mainly used for pain relief, anxiety & depression relief. Some use cbd products as dietary supplements and also for cosmetic purposes. Norse cbd products use hemp oil from plants that are organic and don’t use any form of pesticides or chemicals in any of the processing stages.

Our brand products are carefully made from a safe and effective extraction process thus preserving most of the delicate cannabinoids terpenes and delicate cannabinoids on the plant’s flowers. The hemp plants’ flowers and leaves are used for the extraction process thus adding more effect to our product. Our final step isn’t The rigorous third-party lab testing for each batch of CBD oil but also fast, friendly, and educated customer service.

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    Product Quality Our products are GMO- free and tested with complete laboratory reports.

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